Price Guidelines for Creative Art Sessions in Buckinghamshire

Commencing February 2016

Please take a moment to read this information regarding the various types of projects available and the cost involved.

I am happy to adapt and tailor these sessions to your requirement where possible. If You would like some guidance as to which project best suits your group, I shall be happy to talk through the various options.

Each session will run for up to 2 hours with equipment and art materials prepared ready for your arrival.

Some projects can be offered on a one off basis or for 2 or more sessions depending on the project and materials you choose to use. Other sessions specify a 4- session block in order to complete a work of art and can vary depending on a person’s ability.

Lino Printing


A minimum course of 4 sessions



This can be offered as a 2- hour session or can be adapted to create longer projects


Decoupage – (from the French word decouper, meaning to cut out)

A minimum course of 2 sessions



Painting on canvas


This can be offered as a minimum of 3 session or can be adapted to create a longer project



Hand Crafted Paper.


A minimum course of 4-sessions

This can be adapted into a 2-hour session if just papermaking


3 Fold Greetings Cards

Create your own design on a 3 dimensional card using a wide selection of art materials. If you require inspiration, we have examples to motivate and spark off your ideas. Once you have decided on the design you can add colour and texture to personalise your art work or use the sewing machine to create boarders and emboss shapes and patterns into the card.

This project can be offered as a 2- hour session or ongoing.


Cost for a 2- hour session

Inclusive of equipment and art materials

£100 per session for up to 6 people.

£15 per additional person


For further information, please feel free to email