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Our art workshops are suitable for beginners or those with some experience of working creatively.


We can guide you through various stages and techniques to acquire the desired outcome of your art work. Our services can work around you with daytime, evening or weekend sessions.


By understanding and supporting people with varying abilities, we inspire them to think and express themselves through the use of the arts.



Our service is flexible and can be adapted to meet the requirements of your event such as a team building activity, a single/multi-session art project or a special occasion to celebrate a birthday with friends.


We encourage a realistic awareness of communication through the use of art. This can enable people to think creatively and assist in developing self-awareness and improve self-esteem.

Our Skills

Lino Printing Buckinghamshire Art Workshop

Lino Printing

Create a simple design which will be transferred onto a piece of lino. The image will then be cut out in various stages and printed using two or more colours. You can print your work onto paper or personalised cards.

Painting on Canvas Art Workshop in Oxford Buckinghamshire

Painting on Canvas

Sketch your ideas onto paper before deciding the subject and composition for your canvas. A still life setup can be arranged by the group. Alternatively, a nearby landscape or a self portrait are some other options you may like to work with.

Papier Mache in Oxford


Fine coloured tissue paper, golden thread and sequins are just a few of of the vibrant materials we use to create bowls and glass lanterns. A combination of colour, texture and shape are Layered together to create beautiful artwork.


Sewing Paper Tastry Oxford

Sewing / Fabric and Paper Tapestry

For this project you will have the ise of good qulaity sewing nwith speed control and wide selection of stitch options to create your own design for a small tapestry / wall hanging. Wool, emboidery thread and pieces of textured fabric can be incorporated into a patchwork of intricate detail.

Ready to Get Creative?

If you're ready to finally take your creative side to the next step, lets start a workshop...

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